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Volume 23

Table of Contents
Spring 1999, Volume 23
“Right to Refuse Treatment, Competency to be Executed, and Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Toward a Systematic Analysis”
Bruce A. Arrigo &
Jeffrey J. Tasca
“Attorney Invasion of Witness Space”
Stanley L. Brodsky
“Alabama v. Clarence Simmons: FBI ‘Profiler’ Testimony to Establish an Essential Element of Capital Murder”
Donald Q. Cochran
“A New IDEA: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act After the 1997 Amendments”
Melisa C. George
“An Empirical Study: Juror Sensitivity to Variations in Hearsay Conveyed Via Expert Evidence”
Regina A Schuller &
Angela Paglia
“The Sherrice Iverson Act: Creating a Duty to Report the Sexual Abuse of Children”
Thomas G. Amason
“Discrimination in Housing: The Effects of Emotional Distress and Its Remedies”
Brian Hale
“Not in My Office: Medical Professions and Their Refusal to Treat HIV/AIDS Patients”
Dana Richter
“Straddling the Line: Adolescent Pregnancy and Questions of Capacity”
Jennifer Soper