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Volume 24

Table of Contents
Spring 2000, Volume 24
Jennifer L. McKown
“Socrates Unbound: Developmental Perspectives on the Law School Experience”
Lila A. Coleburn
“The Social Psychology of Jury Nullification”
John Clark
“Doubting Thomas: Should Family Members of Victims Watch Executions?”
Marla L. Domino &
Marcus T. Boccaccini
“The Time is Now: Arguments for the Expansion of Rights for Private University Students in Academic Disciplinary Hearings”
Marc H. Shook
“Social Consequences of Eminent Domain: Urban Revitalization Against the Backdrop of the Takings Clause”
Keasha Broussard
“The Indian Child Welfare Act and the Existing Indian Family Exception: Rerouting the Trial of Tears?”
Samuel Prim
“Driving While Black: Racial Profiling in America”
Adero S. Jernigan