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Volume 25

Table of Contents
Spring 2001, Volume 25
“Forensic Stress Disorder”
Larry J. Cohen &
Joyce H. Vesper
“Competency to be Executed: A Proposed Instrument to Evaluate an Inmate’s Level of Competency in Light of the Eighth Amendment Prohibition Against the Execution of the Presently Insane”
Bruce Ebert
“The Impact of an Expert’s Gender on Jurors’ Decisions”
Regina A. Schuller
“Characteristics of the Ideal Criminal Defense Attorney From the Client’s Perspective: Empirical Findings and Implications for Legal Practice”
Marcus T. Boccaccini &
Stanley L. Brodsky
“Inside the Minds of America’s Family Law Courts: The Psychology of Mediation Versus Litigation in Domestic Disputes”
Bill Ezzell
“A Parent’s Addiction: The Judicial Disposition of Children to Drug Abusing Parents”
M. Lee Huffaker
“The Boy’s Club: How ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Creates a Double-Bind for Military Women”
Montrece M. Ransom
“A Historical Survey of the Glass Ceiling and the Double Bind Faced by Women in the Workplace: Options for Avoidance”
Larry Lovoy