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Volume 26

Table of Contents
Spring 2002, Volume 26
“The Role of Institutional Review Boards in Protecting Human Subjects: Are We Really Ready to Fix a Broken System?”
Hazel Glenn Beh
“Breaking the Learned Helplessness of Patients: Why MCOs Should be Required to Disclose Financial Incentives”
Shauhin A. Talesh
“Client-Relations Skills in Effective Lawyering: Attitudes of Criminal Defense Attorneys and Experienced Clients”
Marcus T. Boccaccini
“Children’s Rights: A Renewed Call for the End of Parental Immunity in Alabama and Arguments for the Further Expansion of a Child’s Right to Sue”
Joseph J. Basgier, III
“The Debate Over Wrongful Birth and Wrongful Life”
Kelly E. Rhinehart
“The Fair Cross-Section Calculation for Alabama Juries”
Susan Donahue
“Dancing Nancy: The Harmful and Illogical Dance Among Alabama Courts Over Supervised Visitation Between Gay Parents and Their Children”
Shelley L. Bilbrey