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Volume 27

Table of Contents
Spring 2003, Volume 27
“The Stark Law: Boon or Boondoggle? An Analysis of the Prohibition on Physician Self-Referrals”
Steven D. Wales
“Tourette’s Syndrome: A Case Example for Mandatory Genetic Regulation of Behavioral Disorders”
Rhoda J. Yen
“Persistence and Change in the Life of the Law: Can Therapeutic Jurisprudence Make a Difference?”
Claire B. Steinberger
“Death Penalty Mitigation and the Role of the Forensic Psychologist”
John M. Fabian
“The Buying of Justice: Perversion of the Legal System Through Interest Groups’ Involvement with the Partisan Election of Judges”
Jared Lyles
“Between the Heat of Passion and Cold Blood: Battered Woman’s Syndrome as an Excuse for Self-Defense in Non-confrontational Homicides”
John W. Roberts
“To Turn the Black Box Translucent: Decision Heuristics, Deterrence, Punitive Damages, and Future Directions of Inquiry”
C. David Sands, III
“America’s Opposition to New Religious Movements: Limiting the Freedom of Religion”
Cynthia Norman Williams