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Volume 28

Table of Contents
Spring 2004, Volume 28
“When Our System of Involuntary Civil Commitment Fails Individuals with Mental Illness: Russell Weston and the Case for Effective Monitoring and Medication Delivery Mechanism”
Veronica J. Manahan
“The Inadequacies of the Traditions Underlying Georgia’s Physical Impact Rule”
William J. DeAngelis
“Jurisprudent Therapy and Competency”
Eric Y. Drogin
“Assessing the Capacity of Persons with Mental Retardation to Waive Miranda Rights: A Jurisprudent Therapy Perspective”
Solomon M. Fulero &
Caroline Everington
“Testamentary Capacity and Undue Influence in the Elderly: A Jurisprudent Therapy Perspective”
Daniel C. Marson,
Justin C. Huthwaite &
Katina Hebert
“A Mental Bar: Should Past Psychological Problems Affect Bar Admission”
Hannah V. Averitt
“An Investigation of Discrepancies Between Mental Health Professionals and the Courts in Decisions About Competency”
Melissa L. Cox &
Patricia A. Zapf, Ph.D
“When Mommy’s a Minor: Balancing the Rights of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Against Minors’ Parental Rights”
Jami L. Crews
“The Charles Singleton Dilemma: Sane Enough to Die?”
Brian J. Kane
“‘Yet I Shall Temper So Justice With Mercy’: Procedural Justice in Mediation and Litigation”
Hea Jin Koh
“The Effect of Attorney Gender on Jury Perception and Decision-Making”
Mary Stewart Nelson
“The ‘Tyranny of the Eyewitness’”
Brooke W. Patterson
“The Endowment Effect and the Empirical Case for Changing the Default Employment Contract from Termination ‘At-Will’ to ‘For-Cause’ Discharge”
James Robert Ward, III