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Volume 29

Table of Contents
Spring 2005, Volume 29
“Does Mood Influence Moral Judgment?: An Empirical Test With Legal and Policy Implications”
Jeremy A. Blumenthal
“Religious Appeals in Closing Arguments: Impermissible Input or Benign Banter?”
Monica K. Miller &
Brian H. Bornstein
“The United Nations and the Employment of Sanctions as a Tool of International Statecraft: Social Power Theory as a Predictor of Threat Theory Utility”
Jason C. Nelson
“The Danger of Dangerousness in Capital Sentencing: Exacerbating the Problem of Arbitrary and Capricious Decision-Making”
Mitzi Dorland &
Daniel Krauss
“Still Crazy After All These Years: The Enduring Defamatory Power of Mental Disorder”
Karen M. Markin
“The Case for Strengthening Alabama’s Animal Cruelty Laws”
William Coxwell
“Does Societal Input Lead to Successful Sex Offender Legislation?”
Katie Granlund
“Victim Impact Statements: A Modified Perspective”
Trey Hill
“Desperately Clinging to the Cleavers: What Family Law Courts Are Doing About Homosexual Parents, and What Some Are Refusing to See”
Heather Fann Latham
“Power to Prescribe: The Debate Over the Prescription Privileges For Psychologists and the Legal Issues Implicated”
James E. Long, Jr.
“Roper v. Simmons: The Height of Hubris”
Jason Mazingo
“But Look Over Here: How the Use of Technology at Trial Mesmerizes Jurors and Secures Verdicts”
J. Bradley Ponder
“The Science of Persuasion: An Exploration of Advocacy and the Science Behind the Art of Persuasion in the Courtroom”
Jansen Voss