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Volume 3

Table of Contents
Fall 1977, Volume 3
“Psychology at the Interface of Law and Corrections: The Alabama Correctional Psychology Experience”
Stanley L. Brodsky
“Citizens and Criminals”
John P. Conrad
“The Abandonment of Rehabilitation in Corrections”
Jerome G. Miller
“A Statement on Behalf of a Moratorium on Prison Construction”
William G. Nagel
“Application of Guidelines to Sentencing”
Peter B. Hoffman &
Barbara Stone-Meierhoefer
“Legal and Social-Psychological Research in the Effect of Pre-Trial Publicity on Juries, Numerical Makeup of Juries, Non-Unanimous Verdict Requirements”
Alice M. Padawer-Singer,
Andrew Singer &
Rickie L. J. Singer
“Legislative Response to Lynch v. Baxley: An Evaluation”
John Bertolotti
“O’Conner v. Donaldson: A DeFacto Right to Treatment?”
Sam Welch
“Testamentary Capacity”
Joseph M. Bolton, Jr.
“Indigents and the Insanity Defense”
Joe Whatley