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Volume 30

Table of Contents
Spring 2006, Volume 30
“Improving the AMBER Alert System: Psychology Research & Policy Recommendations”
Monica K. Miller & Samantha S. Clinkinbeard
“Cognitive Optimism and Professional Pessimism in the Large-Firm Practice of Law: The Optimistic Associate”
Catherine Gage O’Grady:
“Two-Edged Swords, Dangerousness, and Expert Testimony in the Large-Firm Practice of Law”
Robert F. Schopp
“Ingratiation in the Courtroom and in the Voir Dire Process: When More is Not Better”
Stanley L. Brodsky & David E. Cannon
“Readability of Miranda Warnings and Waivers: Implications for Evaluating Miranda Comprehension”
Rachel Kahn, Patricia A. Zapf & Virginia G. Cooper
“ The Lowest of the Low? Addressing the Disparity between Community View, Public Policy, and Treatment Effectiveness for Sex Offenders”
Michael P. Griffin & Desiree A. West
“The Fight Over Video Game Violence: Recent Developments in Politics, Social Science, and Law”
Barry K. Smith
“Personality, Environment, and the Causes of White-Collar Crime”
Drew Feeley
“The Psychological Cost of Eminent Domain Takings and Just Compensation”
Jeffrey T. Powell
“Maximizing Patient Autonomy Through Expanded Medical Surrogacy Mediation”
Christina Cooley
“Your Thoughts May Deceive You: The Constitutional Implications of Brain Fingerprinting Technology and How it May Be Used to Secure Our Skies”
Brian Mccormick