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Volume 33

Table of Contents
Volume 33
Presenting Information About Mental Retardation in the Courtroom: A Content Analysis of Pre-Atkins Capital Trial Transcripts from Texas
Marcus T. Boccaccini, Lisa Kan, Kristy Lawson, Amanda McGotry, & Ramona M. Noland
When the Empirical Base Crumbles: The Myth That Open Dependency Proceedings Do Not Psychologically Damage Abused Children
William Wesley Patton
Enhancing Law School Success: A Study of Goal Orientations, Academic Achievement and the Declining Self-Efficacy of Our Law Students
Leah M. Christensen
Personality in Juror Decision-Making: Toward an Idiographic Approach in Research
Margaret C. Stevenson & Tracy L. Caldwell
Mental Health Courts: An Overview and Redefinition of Tasks and Goals
Sarah L. Miller & Abigayl M. Perelman
The Psychology of Pretrial Identification Procedures: The Showup Is Showing Out and Undermining the Criminal Justice System
Barbara H. Agricola
Lie Detection: A Changing of the Guard in the Quest for Truth in Court?
Cooper Ellenberg
A Certainty of Hopelessness: Debt, Depression, and the Discharge of Student Loans Under the Bankruptcy Code
Katheryn E. Hancock
Whether States Should Create Prescription Power for Psychologists
Julia Johnson