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Volume 34

Table of Contents
Volume 34
Jury Pool Members’ Beliefs About the Relation Between Potential Impairments in Functioning and Mental Retardation: Implications for Atkins-Type Cases
Marcus T. Boccaccini, Beth Caillouet, John W. Clark, Lisa Kan, & Ramona M. Noland
Factors Impacting Sentence Severity of Intimate Partner Violence Offenders and Justification for the Types of Sentences Imposed by Mock Judges
Henry F. Fradella & Ryan G. Fischer
Making Waves Or Keeping The Calm?: Analyzing The Institutional Culture of Family Courts Through the Lens of Social Psychology Groupthink Theory
Melissa L. Breger
Rape as a Violent Crime in Aid of Racketeering Activity
Christopher C. Kendall
The Role of Empathy in Judicial Discourse
Catherine Crowe & Videri Quam Esse
The Cognitive Foundations of Formal Equality: Incorporating Gender Schema Theory to Eliminate Sex Discrimination Towards Women in the Legal Profession
Whitney Woodington
Recognition of the Nonhuman: The Psychological Minefield of Transgender Inequality in the Law
Jaime Johnson
The Irrationality of Credit Card Debt: Examining the Subconscious Biases of Credit Card Users
Farah Majid