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Volume 36

Table of Contents
Volume 36
The Habit Evidence Rule and Its Misguided Judicial Legacy: A Statistical and Psychological Primer
Kevin S. Marshall et. al.
Mind Matters: Mental Disability and the History and Future of the Americans with Disabilities Act
James Concannon
The Hedonic Impact of “Stand-Alone” Emotional Harms – An Analysis of Survey Data
David DePianto
Social Security Disability Law and the Obstacles Facing Claimants with Mental Disabilities
Oren R. Griffin
Children’s Freedom of Speech and Expressive Maturity
Jonathan David Shaub
Children Having Children: Why Adolescent Mothers Need Leave Too
Allie Christiansen Tucker
Calculating an Alternative Route: The Difference Between a Blindfolded Ride and a Road Map in Pro Se Criminal Defense
Kennedy Cabell
The Unjust “Web” We Weave: The Evolution of Social Media and Its Psychological Impact on Juror Impartiality and Fair Trials
Miland F. Simpler, III
Safety or Freedom: Permissiveness vs. Paternalism in Involuntary Commitment Law
Collin Mickle