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Volume 37

Table of Contents
Volume 37
Coerced Internalized False Confessions and Police Interrogations: The Power of Coercion
Frances E. Chapman
The Case for Castration: A “Shot” Towards Rehabilitation of Sexual Offenders
Laura S. Chism
Solitary Confinement: The Law Today and the Way Forward
John F. Cockrell
The Propriety of Peremptory Challenges for Perceived Personality Traits
Erik J. Girvan, Robert J. Cramer, Caroline Titcomb, Tess M.S. Neal & Stanley L. Brodsky
Can the Courts Tell an Ear from an Eye? Legal Approaches to Voice Identification Evidence
Cindy E. Laub, Lindsey E. Wylie, & Brian H. Bornstein
Paved with Good Intentions: Sentencing Alternatives from Neuroscience and the Policy of Problem-Solving Courts
Emily R. Murphy
Empathy for Psychopaths: Using fMRI Brain Scans to Plea for Leniency in Death Penalty Cases
Kimberly D. Phillips
Implicit Bias and the Problem of Certainty in the Criminal Standard of Proof
Casey Reynolds
Behavioral Economics: An Insight into Antitrust
Matt Tate