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Volume 38

Table of Contents
Volume 38
Transgender Discrimination in the Age of Gender Dysphoria and ENDA
Matthew Bailey
The Year of Magical Thinking: Fraud, Loss, and Grief
Jayne W. Barnard
Lost Libido, or Just Forgotten? The Legal and Social Influences on Sexual Activity in Long-Term Care
Lauren Breland
Fighting Over Bedtime Stories: An Empirical Study of the Risks of Valuing Quantity over Quality in Child Custody Decisions
Mary Jean Dolan & Daniel J. Hynan
Dare Defend: Standing for Stand Your Ground
Madison Fair
Veterans Treatment Courts: Analysis and Recommendations
Alana Frederick
Character as a Process in Judgment and Decision-Making and Its Implications for the Character Evidence Prohibition in Anglo-American Law
Jonathan D. Kurland
Ripped from the Headlines: Juror Perceptions in the “Law and Order” Era
Adam Shniderman