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Volume 4

Table of Contents
Fall 1978, Volume 4
“Mentally Retarded Persons: Should They Have Equal Rights or Special Treatment Under the Law”
Leopold Lippman
“A Behavioral Analysis of Legal Intent”
Ira P. Robbins &
Harvey J. Sepler
“Right of a Mental Patient to Refuse Antipsychotic Drugs in an Institution”
Lawrence D. Gaughan
“Expert Psychological Testimony on Eyewitness Identification”
David B. Fishman &
Elizabeth F. Loftus
“Beliefs and Evaluations Underlying Juror Attitudes Toward Service”
William O. Bearden &
Richard M. Durand
“The Clinical Psychologist as an Expert Witness on Questions of Mental Illness and Competency”
Howard L. Miller
“Psychologists as Expert Witnesses”
Jerold S. Lower
“Narcotic Addicts and the Right to Confidentiality of Treatment Records”
John A. Carey
“A Right to Learn: Education, the Law, and the Exceptional Child”
Doug Newman
“Conflict of Rights: Implications for Mental Patients’ Right to Adequate Protection in Light of the Right to Least Restrictive Alternatives”
Richard P. Woods &
Joe R. Whatley, Jr.
“Sex, Crime, and the Law by Donal E.J. McNamara and Edward Sagarin”
Nicholas N. Kittrie