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Volume 40

Dennis J. Baker, Reinterpreting the Mental Health in Criminal Complicity: Change of Normative Position Theory Cannot Rationalize the Current Law

Kelly K. Dineen, Addressing Prescription Opioid Abuse Concerns in Context: Synchronizing Policy Solutions to Multiple Complex Health Problems

Lance H. Selva, William L. Shulman, & Stephen Reid, Reliability Assessments as a Condition for the Admissibility of Confessions in Tennessee

Christopher Slobogin, Eliminating Mental Disability as a Legal Criterion in Deprivation of Liberty Cases:  The Impact of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability on the Insanity Defense, Civil Commitment, and Competency Law

Hudson Cheshire, From Bob Jones to Obergefell: What the History of the Gay Rights Movement Means for the Future of Religious Tax-Exemption

Amy Underwood Miller, Jury Suggestibility: The Misinformation Effect and Why Courts Should Care About Inaccuracies in Transcripts that Accompany Recorded Evidence

Stephanie Smith, “Sportsfluenza:” The Result of not Holding Athletes Accountable for Bad Behavior

Ethan Wilkinson, Eighth Amendment Protections in Capital Proceedings Against the Intellectually Disabled: Assessing State Methods of Class Protections Through the Lens of Hall v. Florida