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Volume 42

The Jury is in: Law Schools Foster Students’ fixed mindsets, Sue Shapcott, Sarah Davis, Lan Hanson

Discord and Distortion: Organizational Psychology and the public interest approach to government lawyering, Matthew B. Seipel

Dangerous Minds: Myths and Realities Behind the violent behavior of the mentally ill, public perceptions, and the judicial response through involuntary civil commitment, Donald Stone

Bailing Out: The Constitutional and Policy benefits of community and nonprofit bail funds, Logan Abernathy

Tiger By the tail?: Navigating Modern Technologies and privacy interests, Smriti Krishnan

Making and involuntary confession: an analysis of improper interrogation tactics used on intellectually impaired individuals and their role in obtaining involuntary confessions, Blakely Lloyd

Racist Trademarks and consumer activism: how the market takes care of business, Jake Mackay