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Volume 43

Slow Lawyering: How Law Practitioners can slow down in a high-speed world and why it matters, Susan Greene

Hazing, Black Sororities, and organization dynamics, Gregory S. Parks, E. Bahati Mutisya

Learning Theory and the Law: Spaced Retrieval and the law school curriculum, Brian Sites

Memoir as witness to mental illness, Dora W. Klein

One nation under Boyd: reconciling the right tor effuse mental health treatment with religious belief versus delusion, Maggie Browning

On prosecutorial decision making: factors and philosophies, Seth Harding

You can have your cake and eat it, too: overcoming the stigma and psychological barriers surrounding the acceptance of litigation financing, Drew Hertzel

Holdouts, Lockouts, and Payouts: the national football league’s bargaining power phenomenon, Jacob Salow