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Volume 44

“Earwitnesses”: Dangerous Misidentification lurks in Fed. R. Evid. 901(b)(5) and supreme court precedent in light of empirical social science, Mark W. Bennett

Death by expert: cognitive bias in the diagnosis of mild intellectual disability, Amelia Courtney Hritz, Sheri Lynn Johnson, John H. Blume

Organizational Ideology and Institutional Problem-Solving: Hazing Within Black Fraternities, Gregory S. Parks, Matthew P. Hooker

“Smile More”: Kindling for kindness in the practice of law, Bret Rappaport

Truth, Lies, and Likes: why human nature makes online misinformation a serious threat (and what we can do about it), Kyle Anderson

Revisiting the 1995 Congressional Accountability Act: how congress granted itself practical immunity from sexual misconduct and learned to stop worrying about allegations, Benton Hughes

Better Bettors: Regulatory Proposals to reduce societal costs associated with gambling disorder in states that permit legal sports betting, Joey Parsons

Should I settle or should I go (to trial)? an analysis of the dearth of trials in the modern era and the resulting effects on settlements, Grant Reese