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Volume 5

Table of Contents
Fall 1979, Volume 5
“Custodial Care for the ‘Subtrainable’ – Revisiting an Old Myth”
Philip Roos
“The Partlow Case: A Reply to Dr. Roos”
Norman R. Ellis
“The Child’s Right to Independent Counsel in Custody Hearings”
Norman J. Singer &
Edward S. Shipper, Jr.
“Beyond a Right to Education: Punishment Of Severely/Profoundly Handicapped Students”
James D. Sears &
H. Harold Stephens
“Interaction Between the Race of the Defendant and that of Jurors in Determining Verdicts”
J. L. Bernard
“Education of Youth in Concepts of Global Order”
James A. R. Nafziger
“Under Sentence of Death: The Psychology of Death Row Confinement”
Robert Johnson