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Volume 8

Table of Contents
Spring 1984, Volume 8
“Increasing Attorney Persuasiveness in the Courtroom”
Daniel Linz &
Steven Penrod
“The Effects of Death Qualification on Juror and Jury Decisioning: An Analysis From Three Perspectives”
David G. Seguin &
Irwin A. Horowitz
“Nonverbal Communication in the Courtroom: Attorney Beware”
Elizabeth A. LeVan
“Witherspoon v. Illinois: The Court Was Right”
J. L. Bernard &
W.O. Dwyer
“The Majority Effect in Jury Deliberations: Number of Supporters Versus Number of Supporting Arguments”
Garold Stasser,
Nancy Stella,
Coleen Hanna &
Adrienne Colella
“The Insanity Plea: A Study of Societal Reactions”
Michael E. Faulstich &
John Ross Moore
“The Psychology of the Courtroom by Norbert L. Kerr and Robert M. Bray, Eds.”
Walter G. Ward