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Volume 9

Table of Contents
Spring 1985, Volume 9
“The Role of Psychologists as Expert Witnesses in the Courtroom: No More Daniels in the Lion’s Den”
Paul M. Camper &
Elizabeth F. Loftus
“Mental Health Testimony in Child Custody Litigation”
Robert D. Lyman &
Michael C. Roberts
“The Feasibility of Traditional Validation Procedures for Demonstrating Job Relatedness”
Dennis Doverspike,
Gerald V. Barrett &
Ralph A. Alexander
“Towards an Objective Approach to Offender Classification”
Carl B. Clements
“Informed Consent to Psychotherapy: Current Practices at University-Affiliated Psychology Training Clinics”
John O. Noll &
Mark L. Haugan
“The Accuracy of Lie Detection: Why Lie Tests Based on the Polygraph Should Not Be Admitted into Evidence Today”
Victor S. Alpher &
Richard L. Blanton
“Insanity Defenses: From the Jurors’ Perspective”
Norman J. Finkel, Ray Shaw,
Susan Bercaw & Juliann Koch
“The Influence of Juror’s Level of Moral Reasoning and the Nature of Closing Arguments in Determining the Verdict in a Civil Case: A Report of Two Experiments”
John L. Bernard,
Robert Cohen &
Michael Lupfer
“The Insanity Defense: Philosophical, Historical, and Legal Perspectives by Donald H. J. Hermann”
John Starrett Hughes
“Judge, Lawyer, Victim, Thief: Women, Gender Roles, and Criminal Justice by Nicole Hahn Rafter and Elizabeth A. Stanko”
Charysse L. Alexander