Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction


Award Criteria

The prize is awarded annually to a published work of fiction that best illuminates the role of
lawyers in society and their power to effect change.

The work must be:
• A published book-length work of fiction
• Published originally in 2018
• Readily available to readers via commercial sources (retail or online
bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or iTunes)
• An electronically published work with an ISBN may be submitted but unpublished manuscripts may not.
• Must be written by an author who has not previously won the prize

Entry Rules
Please submit this original, signed form, along with 14 copies of the book (or for titles published
as e-books only, a digital file we may duplicate for the judges) to:
Harper Lee Prize
University of Alabama School of Law
101 Paul Bryant Drive
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
The deadline to receive entries is March 31, 2019. There is no entry fee.

Selection Process
After the entries close, a panel will review the entries and select three finalists, to be announced in May 2019.
• The finalists will be submitted to the prize selection committee for judging.
• Members of the public will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite among the finalists on the ABA Journal website, and the winner of the public vote will be considered during the prize selection process.
The winner will be honored at a ceremony in conjunction with the Library of Congress National Book Festival.

Previous winners are ineligible.

Previous Winners
2011: John Grisham, The Confession
2012: Michael Connelly, The Fifth Witness
2013: Paul Goldstein, Havana Requiem
2014: John Grisham, Sycamore Row
2015: Deborah Johnson, The Secret of Magic
2016: Attica Locke, Pleasantville
2017: James Grippando, Gone Again
2018: C.E. Tobisman, Proof

Publisher and Author Agreement
By signing this entry form, the publisher and author of the entered work agree that:
• The title, author, and cover image of the book may be used in conjunction with Prize publicity.
• The entry may be listed on the ABA Journal website during the public voting process if selected as a finalist.
• If chosen as a finalist, the author agrees to participate in a Harper Lee Prize podcast, available via the ABA Journal website.
• The author will attend the Harper Lee Prize award ceremony.

In addition:
• An excerpt from the winning book may be published in the ABA Journal.
• The book may be sold on the ABABooks.com website if it is selected as a finalist or winner.

By publisher signature below, the author and publisher agree to these terms of entry.
Unsigned entries will not be considered.

For questions about the Harper Lee Prize, please contact Monique Fields at mfields@law.ua.edu or