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COVID-19 Health Information for Students

Face Coverings

Until further notice, and with the exceptions noted below, you must wear a face covering at all times while in the Law School building, regardless of your vaccination status.

If you are seated at a table in one of the “dining venues” listed below, you are not required to wear a mask while eating or drinking. However, if you consume any food or drink anywhere else inside of the Law School building, you should remove your mask only as long as needed to take one sip or one bite, and then you should immediately replace your mask. 

The café and the café-adjacent seating area are dining venues. We have designated rooms A112 (behind the café) and 140 (Bedsole Moot Courtroom) as dining venues for approved meetings of student organizations or other law-school-sponsored activities.  These rooms are not dining venues at any other time. Groups wishing to schedule meetings in which food may be consumed  should explicitly include this information in the room request so the meeting can be scheduled in one of these rooms. Other rooms may be designated as dining venues for meetings only with advance approval, and only when A112 and 140 are unavailable or impractical.

Please note that faculty are permitted to teach behind plexiglass barriers in lieu of wearing face coverings. Students must wear masks in the classroom at all times.

What to Do If You Think You May Have COVID-19

If you have been exposed or believe you have been exposed to a COVID-positive individual; if you experience any COVID-19 symptoms; or if you test positive or are awaiting results from a COVID-19 test, you should not be at the Law School.  You should contact the UA COVID-19 Support Line at 205-348-2819 and avoid contact with others until you receive further instruction from someone from UA COVID Support.  This hotline is the primary means for the University to perform contact tracing and notify others who may be affected by a positive case, so this step is crucial to the safety of our community.


  • We strongly encourage all students to get vaccinated, and boosted, as doing so is the best way to protect yourself and our community.  Data continue to show that vaccines provide very strong protection against serious illness and hospitalization.
  • Vaccines are available through the University and through various businesses and healthcare providers.  Additional information about vaccines, including information about how to schedule a free vaccine appointment online, can be found on the University of Alabama website (

Attendance Guidelines

  • In accordance with University policy and ABA guidelines, students will be required to attend classes in person absent an accommodation from the Office of Disability Services.   Because the vaccine is widely available, the Office of Disability Services will no longer offer COVID-19 Adjustment Requests. Students impacted by COVID-19 due to a clinically diagnosed disability can still apply for academic accommodations with the Office of Disability Services. Students who are unsure if they meet criteria for disability-related accommodations can review documentation guidelinesat
  • If you are not vaccinated, you will be required to quarantine if you are exposed to COVID-19. If any student contracts COVID-19, they must isolate.   When possible, the Law School will arrange for students who are medically required to isolate or quarantine to attend class remotely.  Please contact Associate Dean Grace Lee ( if you receive a medical order to isolate or quarantine.

Counseling Resources

  • Mona Ochoa-Horshok, a licensed professional counselor, is available to meet with students, confidentially and free of charge, in Office A241 during the semester.  Please check the Law School website ( for office hours.  Appointments are encouraged and can be made through Lisa Drummond ( or 204-348-5750).
  • The University’s Counseling Center is open on Tuesdays from 9am – 5pm and on all other weekdays from 8am – 5pm.  You can reach the Counseling Center during its operating hours by calling 205-348-3863.  Counseling can be reached outside of these hours by calling UAPD at 205-348-5454 and asking to speak with the on-call counselor.

Financial Resources

We know that some of you may be also dealing with financial challenges, especially during these difficult times.  If you are in need of financial assistance, we encourage you to reach out to Martha Griffith, Assistant Dean for Administration, at, as she can assist you in identifying potential sources of aid.

COVID-19 Syllabus Statement

All University faculty, staff, and students are expected to maintain a commitment to the health and safety of our campus community. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, specific health and safety standards are in place to minimize exposure and community spread on campus. In the interest of your health and safety and that of all UA students, faculty and staff, the University reserves the right to change the mode of instruction or schedule of instruction at any time, based upon prevailing public health and other guidance. While the method of delivery may change, educational instruction and opportunities will continue. As such, the University will not provide a refund of tuition, in whole or in-part, based on any such changes. Detailed information on changes in format or schedule can be found at and

UA students, faculty and staff are required to comply with University Spring 2022 Operations ( guidance regarding face coverings and other measures.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to  Protect Our Herd. COVID-19 vaccines are being administered by the University Medical Center, the Student Health Center and various businesses and healthcare providers.