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3L Costs and Resources

We received some helpful feedback that students would benefit from receiving information about their likely financial obligations during the 3L year. We are sharing this information with you so that you can consider it as you plan.

Because of graduation and the various elements of the bar exam, your expenses during your third year likely will be greater than they were this year. The below chart reflects the most common expenses, along with some general estimates and helpful resources. Please contact the Assistant Dean for Students if you have questions.

ItemCostAdditional Info
Graduation Fee$125This fee is assessed when you register for graduation (usually in the spring semester). This covers costs associated with graduation processing, including the cost of the diploma itself, and is not tied to participation in the ceremony.
Graduation Regalia~$160The robe and hood are rented, but the tam (hat) must be purchased and cannot be rented.

Note that several of the bar prep companies listed below offer free MPRE preparation materials on their websites.

Bar RegistrationVaries. Generally $1,000-$2,000 depending on jurisdiction.You should rely on information published by the state bar where you will take the exam, but the NCBE provides a good starting point for determining expenses. Remember that there are often several fees to take into account like filing fees, registration fees, driving abstract fees, character and fitness fees, and laptop fees.
Bar Preparation CourseVaries. Generally $1,000-$4,000 depending on company and jurisdiction.Our students have enrolled in bar preparation courses from Barbri, Helix, Kaplan, and Themis in the past. Students have also used resources from Studicata and Adaptibar.

Several of these companies offer discounts. If you need help getting in touch with them to request a need-based discount, please contact the Assistant Dean for Students.

Bar Preparation Cost of LivingVariesKeep in mind that you will still have to pay for things like groceries, rent, and gasoline during the three months you study for the bar.

We are working with the UA Office of Student Financial Aid to create a form for 3Ls to request a one-time increase to their Cost of Attendance to cover direct costs related to bar exam registration. This adjustment is for 3Ls who are using loans to finance their legal education. We will send information about this option to 3Ls during the academic year.

We hope that the information is helpful to you as you budget and prepare for the 3L year.