Bar Admissions

Bar Qualifications
As you think about where you want to work after law school, please know that there are character, fitness, and other qualifications for admission to any bar. Each state bar has a website with admission rules, and you may consult the website of the National Conference of Bar Examiners at We encourage you now to determine what the requirements are in the state(s) in which you think you may want to practice.

Bar Admission
Many states have a rule which allows third-year law students to represent clients if they are supervised by a practicing lawyer. Students are encouraged to learn about the rule in the states where they hope to practice.

Student Registration
Some states encourage students to register with the bar while they are students. Alabama is such a state. To learn more about registering with the Alabama State Bar read the information in the following links:

Alabama Bar Information & Applications []

The following is a list of members of the Law School community who have been members of the Alabama Bar for five years or more and may be willing to sign affidavits for (3L) applicants to the Alabama Bar.

Bill Andreen, Claude Arrington, Kimberly Boone, Bill Bostick, Bill Brewbaker, Penny Davis, Susan Donovan, Steve Emens, Robbyn Gourdouze, Martha Griffith, Susan Hamill, Anita Kay Head, Glory McLaughlin, Daniel Powell, Caryn Roseman, Gary Sullivan, Joyce Vance, Megan Walsh

Driving Record Abstract
Alabama DPS Driver’s Record Abstract Request []

Glitches You Might Experience in Registering with the Bar
1. When submitting your application, remember to attach the correct fee.
Applications maybe returned if the correct fee is NOT attached
2. Answer EVERY question completely.
3. You will need a DRIVING ABSTRACT from ANY state from which you’ve
held a driver’s license.
4. Full Explanations for any CRIMINAL HISTORY and Court Records should
accompany the application
6. Account for any gaps in your employment history.
7. Applicants should attach copies of all pleadings, judgments and / or final
orders to any civil actions