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Laptop Security

Listed below are some precautions that you can take to keep your laptop secure while at the Law School and elsewhere.

Security Awareness

When using your laptop at the Law School, do not leave your system unattended for any period. If you must leave and cannot take your system with you, allow a friend or other student to keep watch on your laptop while you are away. Students waiting for a class to begin, should only get out your laptop if you are sure you will be with it for the remainder of the class. Do not leave your laptop in a room in between classes.

A large number of students at the Law School have laptops and carry them around throughout the day. Someone who takes your system and walks away will not seem conspicuous. Having other students around is not a sure method of protecting your laptop, you are responsible for your own system.

It is not always possible for a user to keep constant tabs on their laptop. In places such as the Law School Library where you are frequently getting up to find materials, your laptop can be left alone for several minutes at a time, sufficient enough to have it stolen.

Physical Protection

Physical laptop protection consists of wrapping a security cable (such as the Kensington ClickSafe or
Kensington MicroSaver DS) around a large object, attaching the locking mechanism into the Universal Security Slot (USS) on your laptop. In the library we have found that the best place to attach your security cable is through the arm or bracing of a chair. It is not suggested that you wrap the cable around the leg of a table as the table can be lifted up to remove the cable.