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Honor Council

2023-24 Honor Council

Anita Kay Head, Chair
Professor Yuri Linetsky
Professor Ben McMichael
Kendall Hudgins, 3L
Ford Mozingo, 3L
Dalton Counts, 2L
Jack Eason, 2L

JD Uglum

Honor Code and Other Policies Governing Student Conduct

Advisory Opinion on Generative AI Platforms – Spring 2023

Email the Honor Council:

Reporting a Violation

Section III, A. of the Honor Code states:

Students, faculty members, and administrators must report suspected academic misconduct in violation of this Code to a member of the Honor Council for investigation and resolution by the Council.

Reports may be made to any member of the Honor Council or through the Honor Council’s email address:

Advisory Opinions

Students seeking clarification of the Honor Code and its requirements should contact a member of the Honor Council or the Student Ombudsperson.  Requests for advice in interpreting the Code may also be submitted through   The Honor Council will then determine if issuing an advisory interpretation would be beneficial to the Law School Community.