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Leadership Forum Selects Assistant Dean McLaughlin And Alumni As Members

Glory McLaughlin, Assistant Dean for Public Interest, and several Law School alumni were among the 30 attorneys selected as members of the 2015 Leadership Forum Class 11, the Alabama State ... More

Professor Carodine Discusses George Zimmerman Case with Mark O’Mara

Professor Montre D. Carodine and Defense Attorney Mark O'Mara recently discussed race and what role it played in the George Zimmerman trial at a program sponsored by the Duquesne University ... More

Obama Nominates Alumna Leigh Bradley As General Counsel for Veterans Affairs

President Barack Obama has nominated Leigh A. Bradley, director of the Standards of Conduct Office within the Office of General Counsel at the Department of Defense, as general counsel for ... More

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New Gun Rights Amendment Doesn’t Trump Federal Law, Professor Vars Says

In an essay for Jurist magazine, Professor Fredrick Vars says Alabama's gun regulations will be mostly unchanged by the ... More

Women In Greek Communities Less Likely To Report Domestic Violence, Professor Cooper Says

Women who are members of campus Greek communities are less likely to report domestic violence, Professor Tanya Asim Cooper said ... More

Attempts To Use Civil Rights Law To Challenge Discrimination Against Gay Employees Have Been Mixed, Vice Dean Leonard Says

State Rep. Patricia Todd, Alabama's only openly gay legislator, is preparing a bill to ban workplace discrimination against gay and ... More

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