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Law School Selects Millard Fuller as 2015 Profile in Service

The University of Alabama School of Law Profiles in Service Series Millard Dean Fuller Millard Fuller, a 1960 graduate of the University of Alabama School of Law, co-founded one of the ... More

Feinberg Lectures on Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Distinguished Visiting Lecturer Kenneth Feinberg addressed the Law School about mediation and alternative dispute resolution, emphasizing the kinds of cases he administers fall into two categories and often take ... More

Bradley Hargett: Serving the State

Bradley C. Hargett (’16) was surprised when he learned in June that he had won the Alabama State Bar’s Pro Bono Law Student Award. “I had no idea I had ... More

In the Media

Professor Carodine Weighs in on Federal Settlement Alabama Will Receive for Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Professor Montre Carodine recently told it's "an unfortunate development" that Alabama legislators are moving forward with a plan to divert ... More

Professor Gross Says Drug Laws Are Designed to Demand Guilty Pleas, Not to Find Justice

Professor John Gross recently wrote in a guest op-ed for that police and prosecutors are constantly urging legislatures ... More

Professor Gross Weighs in on Prosecution of Chemical Endangerment Cases

Professor John Gross recently told ProPublica there is a disparity in the way prosecutors in Alabama's 67 counties have applied ... More

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