Law School Directory


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Last Name Title
Pardo, Michael S. Henry Upson Sims Professor of Law
Pearson, Ward Adjunct Professor
Peterson, DeWuana Program Assistant
Pierson, Pamela Bucy Bainbridge-Mims Professor of Law
Powell, J. Bradley Adjunct Professor
Powell, Dan Associate Dean for Graduate Law Programs, Director of CLE
Prince, Robert Adjunct Professor
Proctor, James Adjunct Professor
Pruitt Jr., Paul Special Collections/Collection Development Librarian, Bounds Law Library Co-editor, Occasional Publications of the Bounds Law Library
Pryor, Judge William Visiting Faculty
Puckett, James Visiting Professor
Quarles, Randy Co-Director of Judicial Externship Program
Rains, David Adjunct Professor
Randall, Kenneth Dean Emeritus and Thomas E. McMillan Professor Emeritus of Law
Ratliff, William Adjunct Professor
Render, Meredith Associate Professor of Law
Rhodes, Alicia Program Assistant
Rice, Nelda Administrative Secretary
Richter, Jeb Web Developer
Robbins, Candice Assistant Dean for Advancement
Rogers, Ed Adjunct Professor
Roseman, Caryn Clinic Staff Attorney
Rosen, Kenneth Associate Professor of Law
Rouse, Steven Spring 2011 Visiting Professor
Rubio, Chanel Career Services Specialist
Rushin, Stephen Assistant Professor
Sarat, Austin Justice Hugo L. Black Visiting Senior Faculty Scholar
Schlichtman, Barbara
Schnee, Edward Professor
Sears, Walter J. Adjunct Professor
Shaw, Karen Executive Secretary
Shevin, Maurice Adjunct Professor
Sikka, Anette
Simmons, Phillip
Simpson, Diane Administrative Asst, Clinical Programs
Singer, Norman Charles O. Stokes Professor Emeritus of Law and Anthropology
Skinner, Allison Adjunct Professor
Smyth, John Adjunct Professor
Sogol, Joel L. Adjunct Professor
Spruell, Alyce Adjunct Professor
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