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Last Name Title
Staggs, Shannon Clay Adjunct Professor
Stefancic, Jean Professor and Clement Research Affiliate
Stein, Norman Douglas Arant Professor Emeritus of Law
Steinman, Adam Professor of Law
Stewart, Kimberly Ann Administrative Asst., Clinical Programs
Stiles, Matthew W. Adjunct Professor
Stokes, Ronald K. Adjunct Professor
Stone, Dale Adjunct Faculty
Strawbridge, Caroline Major Gifts Officer
Strohm, John Adjunct Faculty
Stumpff, Andrew LLM Faculty
Sullivan, Gary Assistant Professor of Law in Residence
Sumners, Cheryl Supervisor
Swain, John LLM Faculty
Tankersley, Will Hill Adjunct Professor
Tindol, Chad Adjunct Faculty
Tucker, Donna Faculty Assistant
Turner, Mary Adjunct Professor
Underwood, Shane Adjunct Faculty
Vars, Fredrick Professor of Law
Wagner, Susan Adjunct Faculty
Waid, Dana Faculty Assistant
Walsh, Megan Assistant Director
Walthall, Howard Adjunct Faculty
Waters, Michael D. Adjunct Faculty
Watson, Beverly
Weeks, Ruth Associate Director of Collection & Technical Services
Whipple, Elizabeth Interim Director, Domestic Violence Clinic
Wible, John Adjunct Professor
Willbanks, Stephanie LLM Faculty
Williams, Roger C. Adjunct Faculty
Williams, Mark Adjunct Faculty
Wilson, Robin Visiting Faculty
Wilson, James Adjunct Professor
Wooldridge, David LLM Faculty
Wright, Peter Adjunct Professor
Young, Frank Adjunct Professor
Yzenbaard, Caryl Visiting Faculty
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