Public Interest Institute

Certificate in Public Interest Law

The University of Alabama School of Law offers a specialized Certificate in Public Interest Law that allows students to focus their academic work in the field of public interest. The Certificate was first awarded to graduates of the Class of 2008. To earn the Certificate, students must complete: Public Interest Lawyering (LAW 821); Poverty Law (LAW 769); a four-hour Law School clinic; 50 hours of (legal or non-legal) community service; and at least 12 hours of coursework from the courses* listed below:

AIDS Seminar (LAW 654)
Capital Litigation (LAW 774)
Children’s Rights (LAW 635)
Civil Rights Legislation (LAW 726)
Consumer Protection (LAW 628)
Disability Law (LAW 607)
Education Law (Law 792)
Elder Law (LAW 695)
Employment Discrimination (LAW 721)
Environmental Law I & II (LAW 702 & Law 771)
Family Law II (Law 756)
Gender and the Law (LAW 633)
Housing Law (LAW 606)
Immigration Law and Policy (LAW 655)
Mediation Law (LAW 779)
Public International Law (LAW 710)
Special Problems in International Law: International Human Rights (Law 625)
Juvenile Justice (LAW 791)
Labor Law I & Workplace Law (Law 676 & 631)
Race, Racism and the Law (LAW 652)
Select Problems in Criminal Law: Punishment (LAW 624)
Sex Discrimination (LAW 794)
Special Aspects of Family Law (Law 654)
Special Problems in Constitutional Law: Race, Racism and American Law (LAW 764)
Special Problems in International Law: International Organizations (LAW 625)
Any Public Interest Externship (LAW 795)
Public Health Law (LAW 757)
Sentencing Seminar (LAW 793)

*Students who wish to count courses not designated toward satisfying the elective coursework requirement for the certificate may petition the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. The petition shall explain how the particular course relates to the public interest law practice the student wishes to pursue.