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Alabama Law Office of D&I Hosts ACLU Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer for Allyship Training

April 25, 2022

ACLU allyship description word wallOn April 15, the University of Alabama School of Law – Office of Diversity & Inclusion hosted a free, virtual allyship training led by Amber Hikes (they/she), Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer of the ACLU. The training was offered to all students, faculty and staff and was focused on identifying how to best support historically underrepresented and marginalized people and groups who face the intersectional challenges created by overlapping and interconnected systems of discrimination and disadvantage.

“Allyship is a process of listening, learning, and empathizing,” shared Anil Mujumdar, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Alabama Law. “By investing in the development of these skills we can foster better relationships and strengthen the organizations we are a part of. We are privileged to have the opportunity to hear from Amber—to learn how to make a seat at the table for everyone.”

About Amber Hikes (they/she)

Amber Hikes, ACLU headshot Amber Hikes (they/she) is a social justice advocate, community organizer, TED Talk Speaker, and unapologetically queer and Black. As the ACLU’s first Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, they provide vision, leadership, and direction for the ACLU’s nationwide strategy to support equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) across all aspects of the organization’s work and efforts. Amber serves as both the internal and external ambassador on the importance of EDI as a crucial cornerstone of the ACLU’s culture of belonging. Learn more by visiting her bio on the ACLU website.

“It was such an honor to speak and connect with the students and faculty of The University of Alabama School of Law. I was deeply inspired by the commitments the group made and the shared drive to build a culture of belonging and inclusion in their communities at school, work, home, and wherever they find the beauty of difference.”  – Amber Hikes, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer at ACLU

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