Birmingham City Council Appoints Law Student as Council Member

Crystal Smitherman, 3L, was recently appointed to the Birmingham City Council to serve District 6. Smitherman met with the members of the Birmingham City Council in December. She was sworn in on January 2.

Service always has been a part of Smitherman’s life. She is the daughter of Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge Carole Smitherman and Alabama Senator Rodger Smitherman, and her family has called Titusville home for decades.

“I have embraced that way of life wholeheartedly with a proactive approach to addressing the needs of those around me,” she said. “I embody a heart of service and seek to create opportunities and pathways to use my talents, skills, education, and training to better our community.”

Smitherman will focus on the Three E’s of empowerment: Environment, Education, and Economy. She hopes to help improve the quality of life for residents who live in District 6, assist schools to become Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning centers, and build a model that will help boost homeownership.

She says that her experience in Law School has prepared her for the challenge of serving the public.

“I have immersed myself in the legal environment while engaging in vigorous intellectual conversations and debates with legal mentors,” she said. “In addition to the three E’s of empowerment, I am very aware of the potential impact certain current issues, such as equal pay, gender discrimination, and criminal justice reform will have on the community.”

Smitherman is the National Director of Membership Operations for the National Black Law Students Association and President of the Black Law Students Association at Culverhouse Law.