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Law School Offers 13 Online CLE Programs on Economics, Emotional Intelligence and Financial Planning

September 27, 2016

The University of Alabama School of Law is offering 13 online CLE programs on how to thrive in the new legal marketplace. The CLE program are part of The Business of Being a Lawyer series, and they focus on economics, emotional intelligence, and finances. The Business of Being a Lawyer course was created by Professor Pam Bucy Pierson with the help of over 100 lawyers.

The course focuses on:

Emerging technology, evolving business models of law office practice, virtual law practices, new approaches to delivering client services including limited scope representation, legal services apps and interactive websites, project management, alternative billing arrangements.

Applying the science of psychology to EQ challenges faced by lawyers including managing stress, building resilience, maintaining balance, and using one’s strengths.

The average lawyer changes jobs 7 times in a career. Being nimble financially is one of the keys to being an effective free agent throughout one’s career. Practical tips and resources for managing student loan debt, analyzing the financial calculus of career decisions, budgeting, savings, and retirement decisions.

The programs are approved for credit in Alabama and Texas. All proceeds will be donated to UA law student scholarships. 

To learn more about the program, watch a short trailer. Order the course via CLE Alabama.

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