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Two at Alabama Law Win Pro Bono Awards

November 1, 2020

Pro Bono Snapshot of Mindy KiddPro Bono Snapshot of Susan Donovan


During the October 2020 celebration of Pro Bono Month, the Alabama State Bar highlighted recipients of the Pro Bono Awards, including two members of the Alabama Law community.  Susan Donovan, the director of the Mediation Law Clinic, won the Mediator Award, and Mindy Kidd, third-year student, won the Law Student Award.

“Volunteer work led me to law school,” said Kidd in a video created by the State Bar.  “After several years volunteering in that capacity, it seemed like the next logical step was to attend law school.”

Donovan highlighted the impact of pro bono legal work in her video interview.  “There are a lot of people in our state that can’t afford lawyers and yet they need legal services; so in some small way, I like to give back.”

Of the relationship between pro bono service and the legal skills and training she is receiving at The University of Alabama School of Law, Kidd said, “[it] made me see the value of what my education can do for not just my own benefit but hopefully for those around me, too.”

The Alabama State Bar Pro Bono Awards are given annually, recognizing students, mediators, attorneys and firms.

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