Writing Samples & References

Writing Samples:

1. Use only your own work.

2. Choose a sample that shows good legal research, analysis, and clear, concise writing. It is more important that you provide your best legal writing than you provide a specific type of document.

3. If you use a writing sample from work, get permission first and delete any references which would identify parties or reveal confidential information. 

4. If you use an excerpt from a document in order to meet page requirements, be sure to select something that reads well when taken out of context. Also be sure to attach a cover page in which you provide enough explanation to make the sample understandable.

5. Make sure that you put your name on the writing sample. 


1. You should only provide a reference list if the employer requests it. 

2. Prepare a separate sheet for references. 

3. Three references is a generally accepted number. 

4. Professors, lawyers, and judges are excellent references. Former employers, business colleagues, and family friends who know you well also are good references.

5. Get permission from those you wish to name as references. 

6. Use the same font, format, and paper as your resume. 

7. Provide all information the potential employer will need to contact your references.