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Resources and Services

CSO Resources for Students

Office Equipment: There is a copier, fax machine, telephone (available for long-distance calling), computer with internet connection, printer, scanner, and typewriter for student use in the CSO. Students may freely use these items as long as they are used for career-related activities.

Printed Materials: Materials are available for reference and check-out on a variety of subjects, including general legal career search, judicial clerkships, careers in public interest/government, alternative legal careers, various substantive legal specialties, U.S. Military, directories, and much more.  We encourage you to spend time familiarizing yourself with Your CSO resource room.

Online Resources: The CSO subscribes to several online career resources. Please see the Symplicity Resource Library for a list of websites and passwords. The CSO also shares job search websites, articles, and advice through the CSO News (an e-mail newsletter) and our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

CSO Services for Students

Lunchtime Programs are presented on a regular basis. Your CSO works to provide you with topics that are timely, relevant, and helpful. Frequently, guest speakers are brought in to provide additional information.  Students can RSVP for programs on Symplicity.

The Practice Interview Program is provided as a service to law students who are preparing for job search interviews. These interviews are designed to enhance law students’ interview skills by allowing attorneys to conduct “practice” interviews with students as they would conduct “actual” interviews. Practice interviews help students manage anxiety, learn what to expect from legal employers, and enhance their overall interview question and answer skills. The interviewing attorney provides constructive feedback regarding the student’s strengths, weaknesses, resume preparation, and overall interview proficiency. The Practice Interview Program is open One-Ls and occurs in early spring semester. Additional practice interviews can be scheduled with the CSO staff at any time.

The Shadow Program provides law students an opportunity to follow a practicing attorney through his or her day, to the extent possible, to see what it is like in the attorney’s practice of law. This program is open to all students and occurs at the end of the fall semester during the winter break.