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Symplicity Guide

Your CSO uses Symplicity, a web-based program, to facilitate On Campus Interviews, Job Postings, Résumé Collects, and other functions. All students are assigned a Symplicity account when they begin law school. Your username is your law school e-mail address (including the Your password is the same as the password to your law school webmail. If you are having difficulties, please contact Chanel Rubio.

To begin using your Symplicity account, first enter your personal “Profile” data. To do this, click on the tab “Profile” in the row of choices at the top. You must enter your name, address, phone number, email address, year in law school, and graduation date. Also, you must answer the two questions under the privacy tab. In the “Academic Information” section of the Profile, make sure that your “Year in School” and anticipated “Graduation Date” are correct.

Next, update your résumé. One-Ls will not be able to finalize résumés until mid-January because you will not have your GPA and ranking. However, One-Ls should update all other parts of your résumé, and then simply add your GPA and ranking as soon as you receive it. Look at the résumé templates on the website for formatting ideas and suggestions about how to describe particular activities.

After your résumé is completed, upload your résumé.  To do this, go to the “Documents” section of Symplicity, click on “Add New,” give the document a name, choose the document type, and then browse your computer’s hard drive until the name of the resume appears in the window, then click on “Submit.” After you’ve uploaded the résumé, you can view it either as a PDF file or in its original format.

It is critical that you upload your resume, because if you do not do so, you will not be able to bid for interviews; and if an employer does not receive your resume, they cannot select you for an interview. Having your resume uploaded into Symplicity also permits us to print copies for you, or for participating employers, in an emergency, during OCI and throughout the school year.

Some employers will want to see a cover letter, a transcript, a writing sample, and/or a list of references. You will need to create the documents requested by employers, and upload them into Symplicity in the “Documents” section.  There are several ways to upload your law school transcript. The easiest method is to do the following: 1) open your transcript on MyBama; 2) select your entire transcript by highlighting it; 3) copy the selection (you can press control-C or you can access the copy function from the edit menu of your browser); 4) open a new Word document and paste your transcript into the blank document (press control-V or access the paste function from the edit menu of Word); 5) save the document; 6) from the Symplicity document tab, upload the new Word document that you have created — be sure to select “unofficial law school transcript” as the document type.