Claude Reeves Arrington Associate Dean for Admissions
Sharon Baines Director, Finance & Accounting
Caroline Barge Assistant Registrar
Iain Barksdale Associate Director of Technology & Public Services
Blakely Beals Legal Research Services Librarian
Bill Bellan Building Coordinator
Luke Bentley Library Assistant
Kimberly Boone Director of Legal Writing Program and Professor of Legal Writing
Brandi Bosch Faculty Assistant
Mary Grace Bundrick Program Assistant
Christine Chappell CLE Registrar
Jill Colburn Office Manager, Alabama Law Institute
Rebecca Copeland Program Manager, Development and Marketing
Marcus Cotton Assistant Director of Admissions
Terry Davis Director of Technology and Facilities
Joe DeAraujo Technical Support Specialist
Laura Dotson Executive Secretary
David Durham Curator of Archival Collections and Adjunct Professor, Department of History
Danita Edmondson Program Assistant
Monique Fields Manager of Communications
Karla Fuell Assistant Registrar
Penny Gibson Assistant Law Librarian, Reference, Inter-library Loan, Faculty Services
Robbyn Gourdouze Staff Attorney, Domestic Violence Law Clinic
Julie Griffith Assistant Law Librarian
Martha Griffith Associate Director of Development
Marquita Henderson Faculty Assistant
Morgan Jaeger Program Assistant
Angelia Kimbrell Accounting Assistant
Mary Ksobiech Assistant Dean for Students and Professor of Legal Writing
Tom Ksobiech Associate Dean for Administration and Communication
Annette Largin Coordinator, Continuing Legal Education
Ora Brown Lavender Paralegal, Clinical Program
Grace Lee Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Felecia Linton Program Coordinator, Public Interest Institute
Brittany Lovette Faculty Assistant
Amber Massey Career Services Specialist
Brenda McPherson Secretary to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Donna Morrow Program Assistant
Patty Nelson Associate Director, Graduate Law Programs
Erica Nicholson Staff Assistant, Administrator, Externship Program
Leon O’Neal Circulation Supervisor
DeWuana Peterson Program Assistant
Dan Powell Associate Dean for Graduate Law Programs, Director of CLE
Paul Pruitt Jr. Special Collections/Collection Development Librarian, Bounds Law Library Co-editor, Occasional Publications of the Bounds Law Library
Alicia Randolph Faculty Assistant
Nelda Rice Administrative Secretary
Cindy Rice Event Coordinator
Jeb Richter Web Developer
Candice Robbins Assistant Dean for Advancement
Cheryl Rollins Coordinator of Scholarships & Financial Aid
Caryn Roseman Clinic Staff Attorney
Brandi Russell Assistant Director of Admissions
Jenny Ryan Staff Attorney for the Children’s Rights Law Clinic
Karen Shaw Executive Secretary
Terrika Shaw Elder Law Staff Attorney
Diane Simpson Administrative Asst, Clinical Programs
Daiquiri Steele Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Assistant Professor of Law in Residence
Kimberly Ann Stewart Administrative Asst., Clinical Programs
Caroline Strawbridge Director of Development
Donna Tucker Faculty Assistant
Dana Waid Faculty Assistant
Megan Walsh Assistant Dean for Career Services
Ruth Weeks Associate Director of Collection & Technical Services
LeAnn Wilson Assistant Director of Career Services