Areas of Expertise

Organized by Faculty - Organized by Area of Expertise

Administrative Law Ronald Krotoszynski
Tara Leigh Grove
Shalini Ray
Heather Elliott
William Andreen
Alabama Tax Law and Policy Susan Pace Hamill
Alabama's 1901 Constitution Susan Pace Hamill
Antitrust John Shahar Dillbary
Banking Regulation Julie A. Hill
Bankruptcy Gary Sullivan
Business Litigation Gary Sullivan
Business Organizations Kenneth Rosen
Business Organizations Law and Policy Susan Pace Hamill
Business Tax Law and Policy Susan Pace Hamill
Capital Litigation
Civil False Claims Act
Civil Procedure Adam Steinman
Tara Leigh Grove
Heather Elliott
Montré D. Carodine
Carol Rice Andrews
Civil Rights Meredith Render
Albert Lopez
Tara Leigh Grove
Jean Stefancic
Bryan Fair
Richard Delgado
Climate Change William Andreen
Commercial Law Yonathan Arbel
Gary Sullivan
Comparative Constitutional Law Paul Horwitz
Complex Litigation Adam Steinman
Conflicts Of Law Carol Rice Andrews
Constitutional History Mark E. Brandon
Constitutional Law Jean Stefancic
Ronald Krotoszynski
Paul Horwitz
Tara Leigh Grove
Bryan Fair
Heather Elliott
Richard Delgado
Mark E. Brandon
Constitutional Theory Tara Leigh Grove
Mark E. Brandon
Consumer Law Yonathan Arbel
Contracts Julie A. Hill
Yonathan Arbel
Corporate Compliance
Corporate Governance Kenneth Rosen
Corporate Tax Mirit Eyal-Cohen
Court Room Practice And Procedure Steve Emens
Criminal Defense Jenny Carroll
Criminal Law Jenny Carroll
John Acevedo
Criminal Law And Procedure
Criminal Procedure Jenny Carroll
John Acevedo
Criminal Sentencing
Critical Race Theory Richard Delgado
Jean Stefancic
Decedents' Estates Albert Lopez
Disability Law James Leonard
Economic Analysis Of The Law Yonathan Arbel
John Shahar Dillbary
Education Law
Employee Benefits Deepa Das Acevedo
Employment Discrimination
Employment Law Deepa Das Acevedo
Entrepreneurship And Small Businesses Mirit Eyal-Cohen
Environmental Law William Andreen
Ethical Theories Susan Pace Hamill
Evidence Steve Emens
Jenny Carroll
Montré D. Carodine
Family Law
Federal Courts Tara Leigh Grove
Federal Securities Laws Kenneth Rosen
Federal Tax Law and Policy Susan Pace Hamill
Financial Derivatives Kenneth Rosen
First Amendment Bryan Fair
Paul Horwitz
First Amendment Law Ronald Krotoszynski
Gender And The Legal System Bryan Fair
Meredith Render
Health Law Benjamin McMichael
Healthcare Law William S. Brewbaker III
Immigration Law Shalini Ray
Innovation Theory Mirit Eyal-Cohen
Intellectual Property Alan Durham
John Shahar Dillbary
International Business Transactions Kenneth Rosen
International Criminal Law Jenny Carroll
International Environmental Law William Andreen
International Human Rights Adam Steinman
International Trade and Investment Law Daniel Joyner
Judicial Issues
Jurisprudence William S. Brewbaker III
Juvenile Justice Jenny Carroll
Law & Politics of India Deepa Das Acevedo
Law & Religion Paul Horwitz
Law and Economics Benjamin McMichael
Fredrick Vars
Legal Anthropology Deepa Das Acevedo
Legal Ethics Carol Rice Andrews
Legal History John Acevedo
Albert Lopez
Legal Research James Leonard
Market Regulation Kenneth Rosen
Mental Health Fredrick Vars
National Security Law Jenny Carroll
Nuclear Law Daniel Joyner
Payment Systems Julie A. Hill
Personal Income Tax Mirit Eyal-Cohen
Philosophy of Law Mark E. Brandon
Professional Responsibility Carol Rice Andrews
Property Meredith Render
Albert Lopez
Fredrick Vars
William S. Brewbaker III
Public International Law Daniel Joyner
Race And Law Montré D. Carodine
Race and Property Albert Lopez
Race And The Legal System Bryan Fair
Secured Transactions (Non-Real Estate) Julie A. Hill
State And Local Tax Law and Policy Susan Pace Hamill
Tax Law
Telecommunications Law Ronald Krotoszynski
The Business of Being a Lawyer
Torts Benjamin McMichael
Alan Durham
John Shahar Dillbary
Trial Advocacy Steve Emens
Gary Sullivan
Trusts and Estates Fredrick Vars
Water Law Heather Elliott
Water Management William Andreen
Water Pollution Law William Andreen
White Collar Crime
Wills Albert Lopez
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