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Awards & Recognition

Awards will be presented at the annual Public Interest Institute Awards Ceremony in the spring, and Order of the Samaritan recipients will also be recognized during graduation ceremonies.

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Dean’s Community Service Award (40 hours community service)

In order to receive the Dean’s Community Service Award, a student must perform at least 40 hours of law-related or non-law-related community service while in law school. Students are responsible for arranging their placement(s) with appropriate organizations within the university or community. An appropriate organization is one that is generally recognized within the community or school as committed to public service, does not charge a fee for service provided, and does not compensate the student for the service given. Service must be conducted during the time in which a student is enrolled as a full-time law student.

Student Pro Bono Award (50 hours pro bono/law-related volunteer work)

To earn the Student Pro Bono Award, students must complete a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer work in an approved nonprofit, public interest, or government office. Pro bono opportunities are available through the Public Interest Institute, but students may also seek out their own opportunities. Pro bono projects should be cleared with the Assistant Dean for Public Interest Law if the student intends to count the hours toward this award. Service must be conducted during the school years or summers after a student becomes a full time law student. Please consult the Pro Bono Handbook.

Order of the Samaritan (90 hours community service & pro bono work)

The Order of the Samaritan is the highest public service award bestowed by the University of Alabama School of Law. To earn this award, a student must complete at least 90 hours of volunteer work, with at least 50 of those hours spent doing pro bono/law-related service. Order of the Samaritan recipients are recognized with a special medal presented during the Law School’s graduation ceremony in the spring.

Pro Bono Excellence Award

This award is given to the three graduating 3Ls with the highest cumulative number of pro bono hours during law school.

Excellence in Service Award

This award is given to the three graduating 3Ls with the highest cumulative number of community service volunteer hours during law school.