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New Student Orientation

Welcome New Students: LL.M. and JM Summer Orientation

1. Required Online Orientation Session

Congratulations on your acceptance to the UA School of Law Graduate Program!
We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in our online orientation session. We have two options available for attendees:

Live Sessions:

  • TBA
  • TBA

Please use the drop-down box below to register for one of these sessions. We highly encourage your active participation during these sessions.

Click here to register for a live online orientation session.

Guided Pre-Recorded Session:

If you are unable to attend either of the live session, don’t worry! We will offer a guided pre-recorded session. The link below to access the pre-recorded session will be provided at a later date (available by TBA). We look forward to meeting you soon

2. Orientation Schedule

Welcome to the Program / Introductions (5:30-6:15pm)
What to Expect In and Outside the Classroom

Policies / Procedures / Technology

  • Introduce yourself
  • Networking
  • Accessing course materials
  • Creating a community
  • Zoom Live Classroom and Blackboard Learn
  • Video streams and audio podcasts
  • Exams

Break / Acceptance of Policies and Procedures (6:15-6:30pm)

Student Handbook 2023-2025

Use the link below to affirm that you have read the handbook and participated in the online orientation.

Through this link, you are acknowledging that you have watched videos or participated in live sessions on administrative policies and procedures and have read the LL.M. Student Handbook.

Click here to acknowledge.

Administrative Issues (6:30-7:30pm)

  • Program policies and procedures
  • myBama, registration, confirming class schedule, books
  • Financial aid

3. Acceptance Deposit/Photo

The deposit formalizes your acceptance into the program and will be applied to your first semester’s tuition. You may pay your $100 nonrefundable deposit in one of two ways:

  1. by mailing a check to Tax LL.M.  or J.M. Admissions Office, The University of Alabama School of Law, Box 870382, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0382; or
  2. by paying online with a credit card number through your mybama account (the same account you may have used to check the status of your application and that you will use to register for courses, pay tuition etc.)

»Click here if you need instructions on creating a mybama account.

Click here for instructions on how to pay your deposit using your mybama account.

4. Photograph

Also to formalize your acceptance into the program, email a picture of yourself to (if you have not already done so).