Full Directory

Last Name Title
Funderburg, Noah
Marsh, Jenelle
Marshall, Robert
Hornsby, Anne Sikes
Long, Deborah
Hornsby, Clay
Mujumdar, Anil
Hill, Mike
Rushing, Buddy
Kimbrell, Angelia Accounting Assistant
Harrison, B.J. Accounting Specialist
House, W. Michael Adjunct Faculty
O'Dell, Brian Adjunct Faculty
Nixon, Brooke Adjunct Faculty
Tindol, Chad Adjunct Faculty
Waters, Michael D. Adjunct Faculty
Barger, James Adjunct Faculty
Walthall, Howard Adjunct Faculty
Williams, Roger C. Adjunct Faculty
Alexander, Craig Adjunct Faculty
McConnell, David Adjunct Faculty
Strohm, John Adjunct Faculty
Butler, Thomas Adjunct Faculty
Williams, Mark Adjunct Faculty
Marsden, Rich Adjunct Faculty
Irby, Brent Adjunct Faculty
Wagner, Susan Adjunct Faculty
Almond, Honorable Brad Adjunct Faculty
Monk, Stephen Adjunct Faculty
Horton, William W. Adjunct Professor
Hopper, Kurt adjunct Professor
Clotfelter, Patricia Adjunct Professor
Pickering, John Adjunct Professor
Sogol, Joel L. Adjunct Professor
King, M. Christian Adjunct Professor
Staggs, Shannon Clay Adjunct Professor
Murphy, Stanley J. Adjunct Professor
Pearson, Ward Adjunct Professor
Prince, Robert Adjunct Professor
Rogers, Ed Adjunct Professor
McCauley Alvis, Lara Adjunct Professor
Donaldson, The Honorable Scott Adjunct Professor
Gray, Patrick Adjunct Professor
Sears, Walter J. Adjunct Professor
Stiles, Matthew W. Adjunct Professor
Turner, Mary Adjunct Professor
Brown, Michael Adjunct Professor
Burford, Carin Adjunct Professor
Proctor, James Adjunct Professor
Brooks, William H. Adjunct Professor
Morgan, Robert Adjunct Professor
Brown, H. Lanier Adjunct Professor
Skinner, Allison Adjunct Professor
Shevin, Maurice Adjunct Professor
Ratliff, William Adjunct Professor
Goldman, Michael Adjunct Professor
Jones, Rhon Adjunct Professor
Shattuck, R. Adjunct Professor
Schnee, Edward Adjunct Professor
McNeill, III, James Adjunct Professor
Wilson, James Adjunct Professor
Spruell, Alyce Adjunct Professor
Krell, Matthew Adjunct Professor
Powers, Andrea Adjunct Professor
Davis, Penny Adjunct Professor
Locke, Clint Adjunct Professor
Morman, Jeff Adjunct Professor
Hughes, Nicole Adjunct Professor
Coogler, Scott Adjunct Professor
Simpson, Diane Administrative Asst, Clinical Programs
Stewart, Kimberly Ann Administrative Asst., Clinical Programs
Rice, Nelda Administrative Secretary
Hill, Julie A. Alton C. and Cecile Cunningham Craig Professor of Law
Jones, Thomas Alumni (Class of 1936) Professor Emeritus of Law
Elliott, Heather Alumni, Class of ’36 Professor of Law
Robbins, Candice Assistant Dean for Advancement
McLaughlin, Glory Assistant Dean for Public Interest
Ksobiech, Mary Assistant Dean for Students and Professor of Legal Writing
Walsh, Megan Assistant Director
Griffith, Martha Assistant Director of Admissions
Cotton, Marcus Assistant Director of Admissions
Sparks, Erin Assistant Director of Career Services
Griffith, Julie Assistant Law Librarian
Gibson, Penny Assistant Law Librarian, Reference, Inter-library Loan, Faculty Services
Cross, Courtney K. Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction and Director of the Domestic Violence Law Clinic
Gold, Allyson E. Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction and Director of the Elder Law Clinic
Gross, John Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction and Director of the Criminal Defense Clinic
Linetsky, Yuri Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction; Interim Director of Clinical Programs, Director, Civil Law Clinic
Arbel, Yonathan Assistant Professor of Law
Fuell, Karla Assistant Registrar
Barge, Caroline Assistant Registrar
Lee, Grace Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Ksobiech, Tom Associate Dean for Administration and Communication
Arrington, Claude Reeves Associate Dean for Admissions
Powell, Dan Associate Dean for Graduate Law Programs, Director of CLE
Duncan, Casey Associate Dean for Legal Information Services and Assistant Professor of Law in Residence
Weeks, Ruth Associate Director of Collection & Technical Services
Barksdale, Iain Associate Director of Technology & Public Services
Nelson, Patty Associate Director, Graduate Law Programs
Render, Meredith Associate Professor of Law
Sullivan, Gary Associate Professor of Law in Residence
Head, Anita Kay Associate Professor of Legal Writing
Fogle, Cameron Associate Professor of Legal Writing
Bellan, Bill Building Coordinator
Massey, Amber Career Services Specialist
O’Neal, Leon Circulation Supervisor
Chappell, Christine CLE Registrar
Roseman, Caryn Clinic Staff Attorney
Quarles, Randy Co-Director of Judicial Externship Program
Bostick, Bill Co-Director of Summer Externship Program and Adjunct Instructor
Rollins, Cheryl Coordinator of Scholarships & Financial Aid
Largin, Annette Coordinator, Continuing Legal Education
Durham, David Curator of Archival Collections and Adjunct Professor, Department of History
Brophy, Alfred D. Paul Jones Chairholder in Law
Brandon, Mark E. Dean and Thomas E. McMillan Professor of Law
Gamble, Charles Dean Emeritus and Henry Upson Sims Professor Emeritus of Law
Randall, Kenneth Dean Emeritus and Thomas E. McMillan Professor Emeritus of Law
Hansford, Nathaniel Dean Emeritus and William Alfred Rose Professor of Law Emeritus
Steele, Daiquiri Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Assistant Professor of Law in Residence
Boone, Kimberly Director of Legal Writing Program and Professor of Legal Writing
Davis, Terry Director of Technology and Facilities
Baines, Sharon Director, Finance & Accounting
Donovan, Susan Director, Mediation Law Clinic
Vance, Joyce Distinguished Visiting Lecturer in Law
Hopkins, Harry Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law, Emeritus
Stein, Norman Douglas Arant Professor Emeritus of Law
Andrews, Carol Rice Douglas Arant Professor of Law
Andreen, William Edgar L. Clarkson Professor of Law
Love, Julie Elder Law Staff Attorney
Shaw, Terrika Elder Law Staff Attorney
Hoffman, Jerome Elton B. Stephens Professor Emeritus of Law
Joyner, Daniel Elton B. Stephens Professor of Law, Director of International Programs
Medina, Joshua Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps Legal Fellow
Rice, Cindy Event Coordinator
Dotson, Laura Executive Secretary
Shaw, Karen Executive Secretary
Randolph, Alicia Faculty Assistant
Waid, Dana Faculty Assistant
Tucker, Donna Faculty Assistant
Henderson, Marquita Faculty Assistant
Lovette, Brittany Faculty Assistant
Harrison, Jackie Faculty Assistant
Bosch, Brandi Faculty Assistant
Hoff, Timothy Gordon Rosen Professor Emeritus of Law
Horwitz, Paul Gordon Rosen Professor of Law
Pardo, Michael S. Henry Upson Sims Professor of Law
Baker, Don Ira Drayton Pruitt, Sr. Professor Emeritus of Law
Lyons, Susan Ira Drayton Pruitt, Sr. Professor of Law
Vars, Fredrick Ira Drayton Pruitt, Sr. Professor of Law
Marsh, Gene James M. Kidd, Sr. Professor Emeritus of Law
Dillbary, John Shahar James M. Kidd, Sr. Professor of Law and Co-Director of the Cross Disciplinary Legal Studies Program
Leonard, James James M. Kidd, Sr. Professor of Law Emeritus
Colquitt, Joseph Jere L. Beasley Professor of Law and Director of Trial Advocacy
Delgado, Richard John J. Sparkman Chair of Law
Krotoszynski, Ronald John S. Stone Chairholder of Law and Director of Faculty Research
Cook, Camille Wright John S. Stone Professor Emerita of Law
Bryce, James Joseph D. Peeler Professor of Law Emeritus
Beals, Blakely Legal Research Services Librarian
Bentley, Luke Library Assistant
Harmon, Quykerita Library Assistant Senior, Serial Acquisitions
Swain, John LLM Faculty
Arewa, Funmi LLM Faculty
Boyle, Ladson LLM Faculty
Carman, Paul LLM Faculty
Hess, Amy LLM Faculty
Johnson, Steve LLM Faculty
Kahn, Jeffery LLM Faculty
Moran, Beverly LLM Faculty
Nard, Craig LLM Faculty
Stumpff, Andrew LLM Faculty
Willbanks, Stephanie LLM Faculty
Wooldridge, David LLM Faculty
Strawbridge, Caroline Major Gifts Officer
Fields, Monique Manager of Communications
Colburn, Jill Office Manager, Alabama Law Institute
Lavender, Ora Brown Paralegal, Clinical Program
Lowe, David Part-time Reference Librarian
Stefancic, Jean Professor and Clement Research Affiliate
Morrison, Joe Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction Emeritus
Emens, Steve Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction, Faculty Advisor and Coach for the Intercollegiate Trial Advocacy Teams
Rosen, Kenneth Professor of Law
Lopez, Albert Professor of Law
Carodine, Montré D. Professor of Law
Eyal-Cohen, Mirit Professor of Law and Frances Silver Faculty Scholar
Hamill, Susan Pace Professor of Law and Honors Professor
Morrow, Donna Program Assistant
Peterson, DeWuana Program Assistant
Edmondson, Danita Program Assistant
Bundrick, Mary Grace Program Assistant
Rhodes, Alicia Program Assistant
Jaeger, Morgan Program Assistant
Linton, Felecia Program Coordinator
Copeland, Rebecca Program Manager, Development and Marketing
Pierson, Pamela Bucy Research Professor of Law
Morgan, Martha Robert S. Vance Professor Emerita of Law
McPherson, Brenda Secretary to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Pruitt Jr., Paul Special Collections/Collection Development Librarian, Bounds Law Library Co-editor, Occasional Publications of the Bounds Law Library
Nicholson, Erica Staff Assistant, Associate Director of the Public Interest Institute, Administrator, Externship Program
Ryan, Jenny Staff Attorney for the Children’s Rights Law Clin
Gourdouze, Robbyn Staff Attorney, Domestic Violence Law Clinic
Sumners, Cheryl Supervisor
DeAraujo, Joe Technical Support Specialist
Ellis, Jay Technical Support Specialist
Fair, Bryan Thomas E. Skinner Professor of Law
Hobbs, Steven Tom Bevill Chairholder of Law
Freyer, Tony University Research Professor Emeritus of History and Law
Holt, Wythe University Research Professor Emeritus of Law
Steinman, Adam University Research Professor of Law
Durham, Alan Vice Dean and Judge Robert S. Vance Professor of Law
Pryor, Judge William Visiting Faculty
Ray, Shalini Visiting Lecturer in Law
Reich, Phillip Visiting Lecturer in Law
Richter, Jeb Web Developer
Carroll, Jenny Wiggins, Childs, Quinn & Pantazis Professor of Law
Brewbaker III, William S. William Alfred Rose Professor of Law