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About Us

The Alabama Law Review is a nationally recognized journal of legal scholarship and the flagship legal journal in the state of Alabama. The Alabama Law Review is built on a rich tradition of scholarship aimed at exploring issues of national as well as local significance to scholars, legislators, jurists, and practitioners. In its early years, the Alabama Law Review published articles by leading national figures such as Justice Hugo Black of the United States Supreme Court, Judge Charles Clark of the United States Court of Appeals, and Harry Jones of Columbia Law School, as well as then-emerging (now distinguished, senior) scholar Daniel J. Meador of the University of Virginia.

The Alabama Law Review publishes contributions from leading scholars as well as selected works from its own members each year. The editors of the Alabama Law Review are tasked with carefully analyzing these articles and preparing them for publication in each of the four issues the journal publishes each year. Each article undergoes a rigorous multi-level review to ensure accurate citations.

In addition to their work as editors, members of the Alabama Law Review serve as student leaders at the University of Alabama School of Law. They regularly attend numerous lectures and symposia held each year and play a major role in welcoming visiting faculty and other distinguished guests to campus.

Members of the Alabama Law Review also prepare works of scholarship for publication. Each year, the Junior Editors of the journal prepare student contributions analyzing unsettled areas of law, and the best of these contributions are published in the following volume. These pieces of scholarship provide members with the opportunity to work closely with faculty and add a lasting contribution to scholarly debate.