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Current Volume


Carmel Shachar and Carleen Zubrzycki, Informational Privacy After Dobbs.

Jason Iuliano, The Judicial Nondelegation Doctrine.

R. Wilson Freyermuth, Christopher K. Odinet, and Andrea Tosato, Crypto in Real Estate Finance.

Russel M. Gold and Kay L. Levine, The Public Voice of the Defender.

Gregory H. Shill, The Social Costs (and Benefits) of Dual-Class Stock.


Kaylee Hall, High Steaks: How USDA Involvement Will Spoil Lab-Grown Meat for Americans.




Tonja Jacobi and Riley Clafton, The Law of Disposable Children: Interrogations in Schools.

Yvonne Lindgren and Nancy Levit, Reclaiming Tort Law to Protect Reproductive Rights.

Caleb N. Griffin, Extrinsic Value.

Jesse M. Cross, The Fair Notice Fiction.




Our History, Our Future Symposium

Issue 3 will contain a variety of pieces stemming from the “Our History, Our Future” symposium held in Spring 2023. The symposium recognized and reflected on the landmark 150th Anniversary of The University of Alabama School of Law and the 50th Anniversary of the first African-American graduates of the School of Law.


Caroline Hall, I See You: Examining GPS Technology Under Alabama’s Criminal Code.




Murat C. Mungan, Erkmen Giray Aslim & Yijia Lu, Effective and Humane: A Two-Step Criminal Justice Reform.

Tyler B. Lindley, Anachronistic Readings of Section 1983.

Jeffrey Y. Zhang, Protecting the Sovereign’s Money Monopoly.


Zachary Stewart, A New Alabama Construction Indemnity Regime.