As a Junior Editor on the Law Review, you would have a number of responsibilities and obligations primarily related to the preparation of journal articles for publication. Additionally, you would write one publishable-quality student comment on a topic of your interest. This comment would then be considered for publication in the subsequent volume of the journal. Through this work, you will cultivate the vital legal research and writing skills requisite to success in a career at the bar.

Membership on the Law Review also carries with it a certain amount of professional prestige that will follow you throughout your career. Many prominent practicing attorneys, judges, and academics began their legal careers as editors on their school’s Law Review. Recognition as a member of the journal will also serve to complement your classroom success in your search for employment – employers place a premium on the strong writing and analytical skills a student must demonstrate as a member of the Law Review.

  • The “write-on” competition is where participants will be selected to join the Law Review based on their authorship of a casenote. Each casenote will be assessed for writing style, analytical skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of basic citation form, and each submission that meets the high standards of the Law Review will earn its author an invitation to become a Junior Editor.
  • The “write-on” competition is conducted each year during the middle of the summer.