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On-Campus Interview Policies

The Alabama Law Career Services Office, and therefore students who use the office, adheres to the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) Principles and Standards for employers, law students, and law schools. Please read this policy in its entirety at

Students are required to honor all interview appointments that they accept through either on-campus interviewing or off-campus conferences, unless they have accepted another position by the date of the interview. Emergencies are the only exceptions and must be cleared with Assistant Dean Megan Walsh. Students who fail to appear for an interview are exhibiting unprofessional and discourteous behavior and must provide a written letter of apology to the employer, with a copy sent to the Assistant Dean for Career Services, Megan Walsh, within twenty-four hours of the scheduled interview. Assistant Dean Walsh has the authority to suspend a student’s access to OCIs, Symplicity, and/or other CSO resources for exhibiting unprofessional behavior.”