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Assignments and Cancellations

Assignment Assignment - Criminal Law (Colquitt)
Assignment Assignment - Environmental Law I (Andreen)
Assignment Assignment - International Business Transactions (Rosen)
Assignment Assignment - Advanced Torts (Stein)
Assignment Assignment - International Environmental Law (Andreen)

Semester Information

PDF File Summer 2016 - Class Schedule
PDF File Fall 2016 - Class Schedule
PDF File Fall 2016 - Course Listing
PDF File Fall 2016 - Exam Schedule
PDF File Academic Calendar 2015 - 2016
PDF File Academic Calendar 2016 - 2017


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Class Scheduling Policy

The Law School will make every reasonable effort to assure that the courses listed herein will be offered as scheduled. However, unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Law School may result in certain courses being cancelled, re-assigned to another professor, or changed to other date(s) or time(s).

Students should always confirm the accuracy of their individual schedules by checking them against the Master Schedule which is maintained in the Registrar’s Office. (205) 348-4868.